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MAIDEN. The name of an instrument formerly used in Scotland for beheading criminals.

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Noorul Riaz was the pick of the bowlers ending with figures of 4 for 46 off 9 overs including a maiden over whilst Guru Prasanna picked up 2 wickets conceding 18 runs off 5 overs one of which was a maiden over.
More than 56 years later Ron was called in to bowl in a big match and delivered seven maiden overs - so called when the opposing batsmen fail to score a single run.
The suspension followed a sting operation by Britains News of the World claiming that several Pakistani players took money from a bookmaker to bowl deliberate no-balls and bat maiden overs.
Sussex bat first and play out 14 maiden overs from their 60 on the way to 214 for seven.
I can just imagine the team talk: "Get out there, lads, and bowl a few maiden overs, get yourselves a leg before - but whatever you do, wear a protective box and make sure you don't get caught behind.
Bowling three maiden overs, he gave away only 22 runs in the stipulated 10 overs.
Graeme Swann, whose breezy 47 not out from 40 balls in the morning session helped push England beyond 400, bowled five maiden overs in a row from the Cathedral Road end.
Tight bowling and very defensive batting by Lucas and Lyttelton saw them play out 12 successive maiden overs.
The 51 fours and two sixes formed a major chunk of the Pakistan total as England's all-seam attack strayed in direction all day and bowled just nine maiden overs between six bowlers.
Wadsworth eventually settled on an accurate line, bowling three consecutive maiden overs.
Syed Tariq Hussain returned with tantalizing figures of five for 15 in 10 overs two of which were maiden overs whilst Awal Khan bagged two wickets.
When asked whether Sri Lanka played him too cautiously, with him getting nine maiden overs, Rahman said: "[Kumar] Sangakkara tried to force it against me few times but I stuck to my length.