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MAIDEN. The name of an instrument formerly used in Scotland for beheading criminals.

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Lost maidenhood and the crossing of the borders of Hades are allegorical equivalents--the one can stand for the other equally well.
While she watched the battle for her maidenhood, Deianeira sank, "overwhelmed with terror" but then rejoiced for "Zeus of the contests made the end good, if it has been good" (WT 24-6).
whether her maidenhood had been broken after her first, brief marriage.
There is much discussion of the Spanish princess's body and we see how history played out on the female form with discussions surrounding whether her maidenhood had been broken after her first, brief marriage.
She is virtual but not virtuous in the sense of innocent maidenhood.
Nor could wives stop their husbands from abandoning them for girls "in the first bloom of maidenhood.
This reflects the ways in which the Irish literary canon authorizes representations of certain stages of Irish female life even as it obscures female experiences: there is no symbolic representation of the Irish girl in the Irish literary canon, only the familiar maiden, mother, queen, and hag--and so representations of Irish female lives tend to begin with maidenhood.
An intermediate position (5-15 years) in the status between girlhood and womanhood has been suggested as the representation of maidenhood (Thedeen 2008: 89-91).
The lads picked the rosy-cheeked chanterelles--objects of high praise in Lithuanian songs, for they are called emblems of maidenhood.
Immediately after the dream, she rejects the idea of marriage with Jason and asserts her maidenhood as she considers that the visit of the Argonauts may result in some great misfortune.
During maidenhood, she is simplicity personified-she is unconventional, pure and simple.
One major problem usually Arab Americans face in America is the future of their daughters in terms of the moral context of life in the West, particularly regarding their maidenhood, sexual behavior, marriage to an Arab male, and procreating Arab children who can and will maintain and preserve their original Arab culture.