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MAIDEN. The name of an instrument formerly used in Scotland for beheading criminals.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Changeling, Middleton had already touched on the idea that maidenhood
Smith's caption for this painting is significant in that it marks a departure from her earlier constructions; rather than naming the figure itself (as Epicure, Lover, Scholar, etc.), Smith instead names the stage of which the figure is representative: "The Sixth Age Shifts / To lean and slender maidenhood, / With thoughtful eyes and quiet mien." Such a recasting calls attention to the figure as object rather than as being, thus removing her further from the agency that marks the preceding stages.
His valedictory remark to her maidenhood makes this clear: "You're a woman now.
However, because this scene takes place on convent grounds (Barabas stands outside the convent while Abigail is within) the spiritual worth associated with virginity in the Catholic Church collides with the materiality exhibited by Barabas's exploitation of his daughter's maidenhood. Abigail extracts Barabas's wealth from its hiding place within the convent, an action that both requires and underscores her virginity and its association with potential future riches through the birth of an heir to the family fortune.
[...] Doesn't love anyone [...] Begins to suffer in maidenhood, throws nets in vain, envies sister.
As the structure shows, a woman's life is divided into three phases: 1) maidenhood, the time in which she has known no man but prepares for a husband; 2) marriage, the time in which she is her husband's domestic helpmate; and 3) widowhood, the time in which she mourns her husband.
Love, murder, and death figure prominently in these ballads, which include a song about a young women who gives her maidenhood to her first love, only to be driven to suicide when he cheats on her; and songs where the title character is sentenced to death by hanging for committing a capital crime.
Burbank, Victoria 1988 Aboriginal Adolescence: Maidenhood in an Australian community, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ.
Hospital records demonstrate the difficulty of effectively constructing an image of maidenhood so dependent on the interpretive goodwill of others.
Patrick's Day 1943 Radio Eireann speech with its "ideal Ireland" which would have "the laughter of happy maidens (and) whose firesides would be forums for the wisdom of serene old age." Macardle was 54 years old then, strategically between maidenhood and old age.
Lost maidenhood and the crossing of the borders of Hades are allegorical equivalents--the one can stand for the other equally well.
While she watched the battle for her maidenhood, Deianeira sank, "overwhelmed with terror" but then rejoiced for "Zeus of the contests made the end good, if it has been good" (WT 24-6).