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MAIDEN. The name of an instrument formerly used in Scotland for beheading criminals.

References in classic literature ?
It was the darker maiden spoke The words we just have stated; The maidens twain were simply friends, Not sisters, or related.
One after another, King Minos called these pale, frightened youths and sobbing maidens to his footstool, gave them each a poke in the ribs with his sceptre (to try whether they were in good flesh or no), and dismissed them with a nod to his guards.
Now there was once a maiden whose name was Jorinda.
For there were many of us, nymphs and marriageable (26) maidens, playing together; and an innumerable company encircled us: from these the Slayer of Argus with the golden wand rapt me away.
Thick evergreens grow on the dilapidated walls, and around the altar, where a lovely maiden is standing: she bends over the railing and looks out upon the rose.
No game-spoiler hath come to you with evil eye, no enemy of maidens.
It was overpoweringly ridiculous,--we must honestly confess it, --the deportment of the maiden lady while setting her shop in order for the public eye.
The King mourned, but he did not think that the Queen had done the wicked deed, and as he was afraid the maiden would also be taken from him, he wanted to take her with him.
And the tiny maiden talked to them, and sang so merrily, that they could have listened for ever.
Then consider the garden of "my own," so overgrown, entangled with roses and lilies, as to be "a little wilderness"--the fawn loving to be there, and there "only"--the maiden seeking it "where it should lie"--and not being able to distinguish it from the flowers until "itself would rise"--the lying among the lilies "like a bank of lilies"--the loving to "fill itself with roses,"
By that Heaven that bends above us--by that God we both adore-- Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn, It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels name Lenore-- Clasp a rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore.
But I've never been lost before," murmured the dainty maiden, "and I'm worried and afraid.