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The recipient will be receiving a text message, free of charge, to notify them about the voice mail message and will also state the caller's number.
London, Dec 22 (ANI): Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife Heather Mills has denied she had never disclosed her private voice mail messages to former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan.
Register the mail message and its its attachments as a new record in ERMS
The forces radio station, which is based in Catterick, in Yorkshire, is accepting text messages, voice mail messages and em ails which will be sent out to Military Headquarters,in Qa'tar.
0 for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, its new system that allows users to send, listen and reply to voice mail messages from their PC using the Outlook e-mail program.
Keep a pad and pen within reach to take accurate, organized notes from voice mail messages as soon as you hear them.
If a person calls into an ESI communications system and leaves a voice mail message, Caller ID data for the caller is stored with the voice mail message.
The ability to be notified that you have a voice mail message from any of your work locations is critical to any business," added Suder.