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It also notes that in Yemen, at least 1,340 children were killed or maimed.
Tal Afar citizens were maimed before the eyes of other people in a square on Wednesday after they were charged with joining the resistance forces.
Various shots, children maimed by war in the Central African Republic
In 2011, unexploded ordnance or mines reportedly left 28 children killed and nine maimed.
He sees his future helping others, by becoming involved as a trained counsellor, using his experience to help other soldiers maimed as he has been.
It's a sad and terrible thing that our sons, husbands and brothers are being killed, but what of the innocent civilians, men, women and children who've been maimed and killed?
OUR story that troops in Afghanistan have a one in four chance of being killed or maimed - double the risk at the D-Day landings - shocked readers.
Eleven people died and more than 60 were maimed in the attack.
THE joy of football fans celebrating Iraq's win in a World Cup qualifier turned to horror when they were targeted by a female suicide bomber who maimed at least 34 people near a cafe north of Baghdad.
He said it was a scandal, then went on to link this to a badly maimed serviceman who may receive pounds 200,000 for the rest of his life.
Tesfay Haileselassie from Mekele in Ethiopia is still treating the children who were injured by cluster munition strikes that killed or maimed 54 children in June 1998.
Hundreds of others have been maimed and mutilated in annual "circumcision schools" conducted in remote bush areas.