main business

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Consider likewise what commodities, the soil where the plantation is, doth naturally yield, that they may some way help to defray the charge of the plantation (so it be not, as was said, to the untimely prejudice of the main business), as it hath fared with tobacco in Virginia.
This is all true--but I have not heard of any student who DID decline; to decline and still remain in the corps would make him unpleasantly conspicuous, and properly so, since he knew, when he joined, that his main business, as a member, would be to fight.
But I did not mean to make even this slight departure from the main business of these papers, which is to confide my literary passions to the reader; he probably has had a great many of his own.
He would look on the affair as no more than an interlude in the main business of his life.
Having left me there he went away home, telling me we would talk of the main business the next day; and having first called me his aunt, and given a charge to the people, who it seems were his tenants, to treat me with all possible respect.
"Johnson," Wolf Larsen said, with an air of dismissing all that had gone before as introductory to the main business in hand, "I understand you're not quite satisfied with those oilskins?"
George carried the pompous supplies to his mother and the shattered old widower whom it was now the main business of her life to tend and comfort.
But as it is psychology that concerns us, we will merely note their special character and pass on, since the logical classification of words is not our main business.
Yet in its ill-lighted window, among a flaring handkerchief or two, an old peacoat or so, a few valueless watches and compasses, a jar of tobacco and two crossed pipes, a bottle of walnut ketchup, and some horrible sweets these creature discomforts serving as a blind to the main business of the Leaving Shop--was displayed the inscription SEAMAN'S BOARDING-HOUSE.
Founded in 1981, the firm now boasts a masterclass architecture that features four main business units: Risk and Insurance, Healthcare, Pensions and Investment Advisory.
Under the programme, all women entrepreneurs of Sialkot's rural areas would be brought to the main business streamline through their direly needed capacity building under the supervision of SCCI's Women Resource Center (WRC) in active collaboration with a local NGO.
Their main business is emulsifier and stabilizers blends for the food industry and are expert in the applications of the bakery, confectionaries, dairy, ice cream and lipid that's margarine products.