main character

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The police officers in this book are surprisingly minor characters and we slowly learn about the main characters which reveal that not all is what it seems in this entertaining mystery.
That is, there were eight total experimental scenarios (one for each type of main character), but participants scenarios were randomly assigned by main character.
Plunging into the bowels of Kabukicho," the main character in writer Shimada Masahiko's experimental novel Dream Messenger is struck by the appearance of the young people there.
An instructor may also initiate interaction by asking the student: "Would you want the main character as one of your friends?
The essential features of this persuasive appeal include a Quixote-like main character forced to make effective use of limited resources; powerful opposition in the form of a social system and its representatives; translating legal and cultural issues into moral conflicts; personalizing the moral issues that result in order to allow accessibility and clarity; the use or replacement of traditionally repressive familial melodramatic settings with community configurations and the recreation of public events; a nd, finally, a representation that simultaneously presents, critiques, and affirms the social systems that repress the main characters.
In La reprise his main character is an operative in post-World War II Berlin attempting to preempt a murder, but prohibited from his mission by numerous factors, including drug-induced faulty memory.
Considered as the world's first novel, The Tale of Genji, written by Lady Murasaki Shikibu, is a chronicle of court life on love, glory and decline of the handsome main character Hikaru Genji.
The novel's main character is Harlan Jane Eagleton, an African American woman from New Orleans, an autodidact, and a faith healer.
She has crafted her main character as a prism through which the lives of more than a dozen characters from rural Guadeloupe are, briefly but sharply, reflected.
Michael is also a main character in "Grand Theft Auto 5.
In his latest novel, he gets into the mind of his main character with ease, building him as a raceconscious thespian involved with a Russian woman.
As the main character, David struggles with the truths of his destiny, readers will be enthralled with the active and uniting cast of My Son David.