main element

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It is but a part of that general conquest of matter which is the main element in our occult wisdom.
It provides a much more enjoyable user experience, which is a main element of Gizmondo's overall appeal.
Nokia will introduce Performance Shares as the main element to its broad-based equity compensation program to further emphasize the performance element in employees' long-term incentives.
Much like Disney, Bourne likes to take a familiar tale and reinvent it to suit his own purposes, always creating a strong story line that has tragedy as a main element.
Proposals for the CwmmeudwyRhyd-y-galfe main element of the road were displayed at a public exhibition organised by Ceredigion County Council in February 2000.
The main element of the scheme includes the repair and repointing of defective masonry and brickwork on 16 arches.
In the case of both systems, the main element is a "trim bag," which is tailored to the design of the seat and fitted between the foam and the outer fabric.
A main element of the proposal would require council members to recuse themselves from matters that involve lobbyists or city bidders who helped to raise $7,000 or more in the past year for the council member's campaign.
This, the main element of Jorge Pardo's exhibition project Untitled, 1997, was both more and less than what it appeared to be.
The main element here is called gap analysis - determining your company's position in comparison with the best-in-class companies studied.
We are learning to let the light be the main element in the painting.
The main element of the applicator is a 20kg head, which is driven back and forth across the sandwich conveyor on a 750mm linear bearing slide by a Mitsubishi AC servo and controlled by a Mitsubishi PLC.