main element

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It is but a part of that general conquest of matter which is the main element in our occult wisdom.
Philosophies come and go; but the detection of fallacies, the framing of definitions, the invention of methods still continue to be the main elements of the reasoning process.
There is one principle with which, as we were saying, a man learns, another with which he is angry; the third, having many forms, has no special name, but is denoted by the general term appetitive, from the extraordinary strength and vehemence of the desires of eating and drinking and the other sensual appetites which are the main elements of it; also money-loving, because such desires are generally satisfied by the help of money.
Jianshu is a form of Taolu, where the participant uses a sword as the main element of the routine.
The main element improving our relations with the U.
3 THEY are also a source of calcium, the main element of our bones, so as a result, they help to reduce the chances of osteoporosis.
He said that employment constitutes the main element of a rural economy, stressing that the main goal should be to maintain and to create new jobs in rural areas for all; young people, older people, in both agriculture and other related sectors, such as manufacturing and services.
This Forum is one more proof that information technologies, Internet and telephony are rather important tool and the main element in our everyday life," she added.
Sakr considered said platform as more of official and institutional in that it includes more than one point which clarify a will on Hizbullah's behalf to deal with the Lebanese state as a main element.
Considering that the Iraqi Parliament is the main element in formation of the government in Iraq, Iran's sharing experiences with Iraqi parliamentarians is a positive approach," he added.
But not one of the three main parties has committed itself to deal with the problems of mass immigration, despite not just the BNP but UKIP and the Tories making the subject a main element of their campaigns for last Thursday's elections (the Tories disingenuously actually referring to non-EU immigration).
The building's main element is a large permeable hall with a sculptural roof and a double cone which emerges in relation to the existing headquarters complex.