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In the description of the principal outrages, reference has been had to the best authorities of that time, such as they are; the account given in this Tale, of all the main features of the Riots, is substantially correct.
A list was appended, which consisted chiefly of books relating to the Holy Land, since the Holy Land was part of the excursion and seemed to be its main feature.
The main feature of his scheme was to establish a line of trading posts along the Missouri and the Columbia, to the mouth of the latter, where was to be founded the chief trading house or mart.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: Limoges University Faculty of Science and Technology Laboratory LCSN 123 avenue Albert Thomas 87060 Limoges ((eight)) Main Features : Location of a hydrogenation device streaming
THE Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban has been given 60 days to make sure one of its main features is working ahead of the World Cup.
The Chief Executive TDAP, Syed Mohibullah Shah, explained the main features of trade profile of Pakistan and suggested the measures for reducing trade imbalance of the country.
The material requirements for patentability are also described, together with the main features of the granting procedure before the European Patent Office.
The main features of the service include: a description of how to determine strategy in international patent litigation; a discussion of the main provisions of the EPC and relevant case law of the EPO; chapter tables providing an overview of the main features of the available proceedings; and patent litigation strategy comparisons among national jurisdictions.
Its main features include an integrated examination endoscopic unit with a lateral tactile TFT monitor, camera, and 150W cold light source.
The main features of the equipment are the efficient use of heat which increases the energy efficiency, and the removal of the compression process which reduces the power requirements.
High throughput and low maintenance are said to be the main features determining the profitability of the company's Micro.
The "high spec" version will offer all main features of the existing PUMPEX range as well as the major benefits of the ABS wastewater pumps.