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Nevertheless, our main focus is the anti-corrosion market which we believe has the biggest market.
Prevention": Heart infarct prevention treatment with main focus on post-cardiac crisis patients (accessible now) and seriously obese patients (9 Mio in USA alone) and
The main focus of the presentations in the Apple Specialist Pavilion is on creating a better workflow for creative professionals.
Best practices on online research, ethnography, segmentation, usability, global market research, sampling, ROI and measurement will be the main focus this year.
The main focus of the project is the retail component, which will combine two levels of specialty, upscale, value-priced and large-tenant formats that are unique to the region.
The third task, and a main focus of the -final construction phase, is the renovation of existing public spaces.
Highland coach Jeff Smith said containing Johnson, who is among the league's leading scorers, was the main focus of the Bulldogs' practices leading up to the game.
Recruiting top talent that will bring additional depth to our core competencies is a main focus of the Paris office," said Dominique Borde, Paul Hastings Paris Office Chair.
The main focus sectors for BioFund include Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technologies, Nutrition and Environmental Technologies.
A population of Baby Boomers looking for a way to stay healthy and young is the main focus of the vitamins and minerals market.
The main focus of the campaign will be on strategic messaging and positioning to help sell BlueLithium's online advertising engine to enterprises.