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The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, known by the acronym GVHSP, was the main force behind the push to secure landmark status for the building, which was built in 1866 as the First German Baptist Church and became the Ukrainian Autocephalic Church of St.
In a report, the agency said, 'The recent adoption of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive in the EU is the main force behind the pending Polish resolution and bail-in regime, aiming to shift the cost of bank failure from taxpayers to shareholders and unsecured creditors.
9%, with utility tariffs once again being the main force behind the spike.
For centuries our main force of defence has been our Navy, which has saved us from many enemies, but is now reduced to a token force.
The main force rigging the election was the Republican Party of Armenia;
People in Bahrain believe that Nayef was the mastermind of plots against their country and the main force behind the dispatch of the Saudi occupying forces to the tiny Persian Gulf island to suppress their revolution.
Summary: A handful of British troops could stay in Afghanistan after the main force withdraws in 2014 to battle international terrorism.
Is Vorontsov-Velyaminov correct in discarding gravitation as the main force producing connecting filaments and tails?
The ferocity of a crackdown last week by Bahrain forces, aided by the entrance of troops from Sunni-ruled Gulf countries, stunned Bahrain's majority Shi'ites, the main force of the protests, and angered the region's non-Arab Shi'ite power Iran.
Many are using the STL as a tool of settling accounts," Fayyad named the USA as the main force abusing STL as a weapon to attack Resistance.
The Bulgarian Socialist Party was the main force in the tri-partite coalition government that ruled the country 2005-9 but starting the latter part of its term in office it has registered record lows in public support.
Head of maintenanceengineering at Wylfa, Richard T Jones, who has been the main force behind Wylfa's involvement with EESW for the last seven years, sees Wylfa's role in the scheme as vital.