main force

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But the kindly knowledge of the main forces in human nature, the unfailing sympathy, and the irrepressible conviction that happiness depends in the last analysis on the individual will and character make Goldsmith's writings, especially
"This youth cohort should become the main force for promoting peace, national cohesion, prosperity and uplift in our society", he said.
Alongside other main force contributors to the Global Coalition against Daesh, Defence Minister Harjit S.
Alamgir Khan said that youth was the main force behind Imran Khan's tsunami that's why chairman Imran Khan had given membership drive to ISF and dissolved all party across Pakistan, except ISF.
Attendance at the games has now surpassed even the mighty powers of my right eyebrow as the main force of discipline in this house.
Even Gunners boss Arsene Wenger admitted: "Chelsea are now the main force in English football, the most powerful side in the league.
Four crew members were killed - but James explains that he was lucky because he had been at the wheel and away from the main force of the impact.
The Minister will attend a meeting of Defence Ministers from the main force contributors to the Counter-Daesh Coalition in Paris on 25 October, which will include discussions on progress in the military campaigns in Iraq and Syria.
Chief Warden Civil Defence Raja Mujahid Afsar was of the view that time had come that the labor, being the main force behind any industry or any working organization, must be paid on share proposition as they were the major stake holders of any organization.
Here he is the main force in an ensemble cast, and again he doesn't put a foot wrong.
REGARDING reports about not having enough people joining the police force, I am the mother of a 21 year old who was accepted with the special police more than a year ago and who is desperate to commit fully to the main force.
As a main force of the national informationization, Aisino has been focused on public security informationization construction and developed dozens of mature and reliable application systems.