main idea

See: main point
References in classic literature ?
The next step of intellectual decline was to bring to bear on the main idea of the conscious identity of the kite all sorts of subjects which had imaginative force or tendency of their own.
It is likely that his main idea was to burgle the house; but Mr.
He had hardly returned from the marquee with the prize in his hand, when it began to be understood that Wiry Ben proposed to amuse the company, before the gentry went to dinner, with an impromptu and gratuitous performance--namely, a hornpipe, the main idea of which was doubtless borrowed; but this was to be developed by the dancer in so peculiar and complex a manner that no one could deny him the praise of originality.
The categories evaluated were: (1) sentence begins with a capital letter, (2) paragraph indentation, (3) correct punctuation, (4) correct spelling, (5) each paragraph starts a new idea, (6) each paragraph has a clear main idea, (7) each paragraph effectively develops the main idea, (8) correct and consistent subject/verb agreement, (9) descriptive language used throughout, (10) demonstrates a strong command of the English language, (11) proper verb tense, (12) responds fully and effectively to the given prompt, (13) interesting essay, and (14) neat and easy to read.
But the other main idea from the US -- massive planting of forests to help reduce the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere -- is surely worth consideration as part of global policy.
This is a successful solution visually, and it allows the surrounding site to be left mainly untouched as a wild meadow, both precluding the need for gardening and enhancing the main idea.
The program targets skills typically covered on standardized tests: main idea, inference, sequence, cause and effect, and compare and contrast.
The main idea was to sink the new double sports hall about 10 m into the ground, recreating the outdoor space of the court on top of it at original ground level both as a cour d'honneur for the new approach and as an outdoor sports ground for summer use.