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Its main ingredient - Salep - is protected by Turkey and is not exported.
Residents join different festivities, such as street dancing, trade fair and a culinary contest with mushroom as the main ingredient.
There is no hard-and-fast rule for what qualifies as a "main ingredient." We generally consider a "main ingredient" to be listed in a food's ingredient list before the first vitamin or mineral ingredient.
Which starchy foodstuff is the main ingredient of the Japanese drink sake?
Acetic anhydride is a highly sensitive dual-use chemical which is the main ingredient for manufacturing highly-explosive devices as well as for preparing narcotics substances, especially heroin.
The main ingredient that will get you from a bag of flour to a loaf of bread is yeast.
The lead singer of the band The Main Ingredient, Gooding Sr.
You weren't expecting the main ingredient to be sweet potatoes, were you?
Mass and uncontrolled immigration without vetting has been and still is the main ingredient.
From a kitchen point of view, there is not much produce specifically at its prime in April, but one main ingredient that is at its best this time of year is the humble cauliflower.
Since 1985, when the government reached an agreement with the Association, aimed at helping cow-milk producers, the main ingredient of halloumi has been cow's milk.
After the oil separates from the mixture, the main ingredient (meat or vegetable) is added and cooked.