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Corn syrup is the main ingredient in the added sugars in processed foods.
From a kitchen point of view, there is not much produce specifically at its prime in April, but one main ingredient that is at its best this time of year is the humble cauliflower.
They said that the main ingredient of the QuickTrim weight-loss products' formula is caffeine, which is not an effective or safe diet treatment according to the US Food and Drug Administration, TMZ.
Since 1985, when the government reached an agreement with the Association, aimed at helping cow-milk producers, the main ingredient of halloumi has been cow's milk.
They are a mix of dried ingredients coated over the main ingredient.
THE MAIN INGREDIENT Spinning Around - The Singles 1967 to 1978 (Kent Soul)
Animals make thousands of proteins--they're the main ingredient in skin, hair, milk, and meat.
Ammonia, the main ingredient in many window, tub, toilet and tile cleaners, is caustic and poisonous if ingested--and, if combined with chlorine, present in many scouring products, produces toxic chlorine gas
Too little calcium stearate powder, the main ingredient of the antitack liquid additive, and rubber sheets could adhere to each other.
One outstanding effort is the risotto di zucca ($13), technically a savory creation, but offering a delicious touch of sweetness from the caramelization of its butternut squash (not pumpkin) main ingredient -- other than the obvious rice -- along with a welcome sage undertone.
Exposure to the main ingredient of polycarbonate plastics can modify brain formation in female mouse fetuses and make the lab animals, later in life, display a typically male behavior pattern, scientists have announced.
We are pleased with our agreement with Neptune, allowing us to utilize NKO(TM) as our main ingredient in our Joint Health Complex product.