main interest

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The society's weekly discussions were now the old lawyer's main interest in life.
Having said some kind words to this effect, Emily led her back to the main interest of her narrative.
I even added, so as to exonerate myself from any after-reproach of my own conscience, that I entertained not the least hope of being able to trace her--that I believed we should never see her alive again--and that my main interest in the affair was to bring to punishment two men whom I suspected to be concerned in luring her away, and at whose hands I and some dear friends of mine had suffered a grievous wrong.
Analysts at major Russian banks have opined that the Russian central bank will be forced to cut its main interest rate, keeping in line with the global trend.
Reuters reported that the apex bank kept its main interest rate unchanged at 0.75 percent on Thursday.
Karachi -- The State Bank of Pakistan on Saturday announced to increase its main interest rate by 100 basis points to 8.5 per cent for the next two months, citing rising inflation and economic worries over the large fiscal and current account deficits.
The central bank increased its main interest rate to 16.5 percent from 13.5 percent.
The main interest of the team was finding gas hydrates along the Makran coast and how the sea would strengthen disaster management and country's socio-economic development.
A number of stalls offering sale on bangles, rings, bracelets and many other things that are the main interest of womenfolk.
A number of stalls offering sale on bangles, rings, bracelets and many other items that are the main interest of womenfolk.
Financing higher education and scientific research is of Kuwait's main interest, he said, pointing out Kuwait's move to establish centers for evaluation and measurement of progress, as well as a training center for students of higher education.
The main interest of NZOG in Cue is because of that company's 5 per cent stake in the Maari and Manaia oilfields off Taranaki, but if it gains control it may review other parts of the Cue business for possible sale.