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Two hundred boys at six pounds a year means thirty-six hundred pounds--that's the main item.
However, once again the main item of interest to a lot of Teesside people is our airport.
Cybersecurity will be the main item on the agenda on the second day of the informal meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council.
So, having read my main item, you know I'm out of hospital.
He added that the main item on the agenda for Parliament's first day back on Tuesday will be the renewal of a motion on Syria allowing the sending of troops abroad if the government deems it necessary.
44 million tons, accounts for the main item in the basket of petrochemicals exported by Iran Petrochemical Commerce Company.
Winners of Quran memorisation, main item of the competition, were honoured and awarded with prizes at the mosque in the municipality family accommodation complex in Al Twar.
The wholesale price of sweet melon, which is a main item in salads prepared for breaking fast, was 300baizas per kilogram two days before.
Spain was the main item up for discussion but Mr Noonan said he was approaching the meeting "with a view to a timeline being set down for further talks in autumn".
The election of the new head of Sully Community Council will be the main item of business at the annual meeting of the authority on May 10.
The main item on the cabinet's agenda is the divisive issue of "false witnesses," who the opposition claims has "misled the initial investigation.
The main item on the agenda so far is to agree on a national defense strategy that would determine the fate of the Shiite Hizbullah group.