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l Zeenah Group in their main office in Madinat Sultan Qaboos.
Before Palms, late students to class would be collected by security guards, be sent to the main office, and returned to class, often wasting an hour of instructional time.
Now that she's lived through the learning curve, she knows that projects requiring access to 6-year-old files are better suited to the main office, for example.
CVCIS will be available in first quarter 2007 and will be housed at the Clovis Main office on Pollasky Ave.
Upstairs there is a main office area and a small lobby with toilet facilities.
Re- opening our Main Office represents the Whitney's commitment to our clients and to New Orleans.
ii) With respect to a national bank, the State in which the main office of the bank is located;
parent company of its wholly-owned subsidiary Bank of Essex, announced construction will begin in July on a 15,000 square foot main office and administration building located at 1325 Tappahannock Boulevard within the town limits of Tappahannock.
More than 100 carriers participated in the collection from the Santa Clarita main office, according to delivery supervisor David Meiser.
offices to a total of three, with their main office located on Bell Boulevard in Bayside, Queens.
On October 20, the Main Office of Windsor Federal Savings will hold a 70th Anniversary cake cutting ceremony at 8:30 a.