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He said the new policy aims to speed up the delivery of services at the POEA main office by preventing OFWs from waiting in long lines to process their OECs.
l Zeenah Group in their main office in Madinat Sultan Qaboos.
It also keeps innocent witnesses in class because they no longer have to spend up to an hour in the main office with administrators.
Kevin now had access to the main office floor, and by asking two more employees, eventually reached the designated office suite.
Stonaha installed five Cisco Aironet wireless access points to cover Greth's 24,000-square-foot main office and rolled out Linksys access points at six of Greth's eight model homes.
Conaty plans ahead and takes files home or e-mails them to herself before she leaves the main office.
The tech e-mails the signed service order form back to the main office where:
The main office is about 400 meters northwest of JR Yokohama Station, and is surrounded by office buildings and condominiums.
Five young storytellers made it to the #MyInquirer Read-Along Festival storytelling competition finals after hurdling the semifinal round held on Saturday afternoon at the Inquirer main office.
Glass Door Access Point (total of 2 each - one at interior main entrance doors and other at Main Office Door): o In this configuration all doors will be secured.
FAISALABAD -- City Police Officer (CTO) Arif Shehbaz Khan Wazeer has set up fine collection units at main office and two police stations for the collection of fines.