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0 billion of Hong Kong's total exports to the Mainland were for outward processing in the Mainland, representing an increase of 4.
The number of projects the mainland has approved for investment from Hong Kong as well as the actual use of Hong Kong investment also declined by more than 20 percent.
The addition of the Mainland business significantly enhances Scalar's offering in Western Canada, while Mainland will now be a part of a team that operates nationally and will have a broader range of solutions to offer their clients, including an industry-leading set of security services.
Subsequently, Kao Koong-lian remarked that the economies of Taiwan and the mainland are complementary, rather than competitive, featuring proper division of labor which benefits both sides greatly.
For example, as pop culture including Cantopop and Cantonese movies became popular on the mainland, mainland entertainers are gaining a bigger foothold in Hong Kong's entertainment market.
Hong Kong companies should ride on the plan, along with the privileges brought by the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Cooperation Agreement and the Framework Agreement on Hong Kong/Guangdong Cooperation, to expand their business in the mainland market.
According to the report, Marubeni has signed with Winsway a paper to sell long term contract, Marubeni will the next 5 years imports of 2 million tonnes per year through Winsway coking coal to the mainland, the mainland now accounts for about 1% of the proportion of coking coal demand is about.
He said Hong Kong needed to look at ways of meeting the growing financial needs of mainland investors while maintaining the status of Hong Kong as an international financial centre.
The latest mainland island planned is near Nelson on the South Island, named the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary.
Richard Yuen, Hong Kong's commissioner of insurance, said in his annual letter on the state of the industry in December 2003 that the mainland market "has been playing a key role" in Hong Kong's economic development.
Nicely she demonstrates that the mainland was early on crucial for the maintenance of the lagoon environment both in terms of supplying much of the food stuffs and raw materials for the city and its fleets and in terms of the impact of the fresh water and silt that emptied into the lagoons from mainland rivers threatening the delicate ecological balance.