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The Mauser used a heavy cocking piece/firing pin assembly and a fairly light (by current standards) 19-pound mainspring.
I have found the two most common problems presented with these revolvers are missing cylinder pins (from the models that have an uncaptured pin) and a broken mainspring yoke.
When the trigger is pulled, instead of having to overcome the resistance of the powerful mainspring, the shooter is pulling only against the lighter resistance of the trigger return spring for the initial take-up.
The alterations are made to the Government Model's frame and mainspring housing.
The 1911 mainspring housing actually has moving parts.
22 caliber rifle and believe it to be the 1894 model due to the flat mainspring.
Exclusive snakeskin treatment on the frame, mainspring housing, and slide sets this gun apart from any other.
They started with 789 barrels, bushings and link pins from Nowlin Manufacturing as well as 789 sear springs, ejectors, firing pin stops, mainspring housings and mainsprings.