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The mainspring housing on Dan Wesson's A2 is arched, but lacks the texture and lanyard loop.
Caption: The mainspring housing Is checkered, and the beavertail grip safety has a grooved speed bump.
25 April 2016 - US-based asset management firm Babson Capital Management served as lead agent in a senior secured credit facility to finance US-based real estate management provider Accruent LLC's acquisition of US-based hospital software provider Mainspring Healthcare Solutions, the firm said.
Mainspring's platform features easy to navigate sections for borrowers and investors, links to affiliated origination sources and live loans available for investor purchase.
First lower the hammer so that you remove some of the tension on the mainspring. If you have especially nice grips, you may want to remove them to prevent any chance of damaging them when taking the gun apart.
Some companies choose to go with a bigger single barrel, with a larger mainspring, which would allow a longer power reserve.
This gives the mainspring a constant force as it winds down.
Economic forces, mainspring of Moroccan-French exceptional partnership, head of CGEM
of the limitations set to their own art within the brief span of life." Alloway always played the cont rarian, and here his sights were set on another critic (as was frequently the case in his writing), in this instance Harold Rosenberg, in particular on his reading of the artist's career as "a succession of dialogues with artists living and dead." Alloway demurs, arguing that Rosenberg "makes the impersonation and parody the mainspring of Gorky's life and art.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-8 March 2001-Nordic Circle and Mainspring form alliance(C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Value Plus Reels (VPR) from Aero-Motive are spring-driven hose reels that feature durable steel construction and a containerized mainspring which provides long service life and ease of maintenance.