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As the bolt handle is lifted this angled surface cams the cocking piece back, compressing the mainspring.
These cam surfaces are quite small, and the powerful mainspring provides a heavy load.
The Mauser used a heavy cocking piece/firing pin assembly and a fairly light (by current standards) 19-pound mainspring.
The lighter mainspring made the M98 bolt easier to manipulate rapidly from the shoulder, while the heavy firing pin assembly assured positive ignition.
It used a lighter cocking piece/firing pin, a more powerful (23 pound) mainspring, and shorter firing pin travel (about 1/4 inch).
Polish the tips of all spring-loaded plungers, the top of the mainspring strut where it nestles in the hammer, the sides of the frame against which the hammer rubs, the pivots for the hand and, where it exists, the transfer bar.
The single-action pull weight is primarily a product of the pressure exerted on the trigger by the trigger return spring, while the double-action pull weight is a combination of the pressure required to overcome the tension of the mainspring and the pressure exerted by the trigger spring.
This spring rides on the mainspring strut, seating in front on the trigger link and in the rear against the mainspring lever.
With such a spring arrangement, attempts to reduce the trigger return spring pressure also reduce the power of the mainspring.