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Their mainsprings are under a lot of tension, even when the guns aren't cocked.
Some companies choose to go with a bigger single barrel, with a larger mainspring, which would allow a longer power reserve.
The term meant that the trigger was used to cock the hammer and in turn, store energy in the mainspring prior to its release which occured as a result of the completed trigger pull.
They come with extra-strong Wolff replacement mainsprings. The kits are available for a large variety of popular bolt-action rifles.
The kit consists of three parts: a hammer assembly with hammer plunger, plunger spring and plunger pin; a trigger to use with a hammer with a half cock notch; mainsprings, trigger return spring and cylinder latch spring from Wolff.
The first method applies when the mainspring guide rods have holes in their rears.
I popped off the sideplate and grip panels, installed the Power Rib Mainspring and 13-lb.
The H/S must first be drawn back to compress the mainspring. In single-action fire, either with revolver or semi-auto, the H/S is drawn back until a component called the sear holds it in fully cocked position.
On a single-action revolver, the mainspring has little effect on the trigger pull, so there is always some question as to whether or not exchanging the mainspring for one that produces less tension is worthwhile.
On the Redhawk, the mainspring serves as both the hammer spring and trigger return spring.