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Sadly in this issue we must report our loss at DISAM of two of our colleagues who have been mainstays in the organization since its beginning.
And with Carson's mainstays falling short of expectations, the company's stock shed almost $10 from its high of $17 to $7.25 a share in March.
Johnson and Besserer are the group's mainstays and share responsibility for planning programs and other artistic matters; Baryshnikov has the final choice of repertoire.
The mainstays were Kenneth Williams (26 films), Joan Sims (24), Charles Hawtrey (23), Sid James (19), Kenneth Connor (17), Hattie Jacques (14) and Bernard Bresslaw (14).
Fracture, distortion, murky handling of paint-these have long been the mainstays of Georg Baselitz's art, as this exhibition of his early drawings and paintings indicated.
Under normal circumstances, these mainstays of BOMA/NY service would simply mean keeping current with new technology, code requirements or industry practice.
The adventures are mainstays of Western civilization: escaping the siren songs, the man-eating cyclops, Hades.
They have divided their "history of ordinary and extraordinary people" of these islands into 11 categories ranging from "Community Development and People" to "Sports and Recreation." These categories serve as chapter headings for the listing of over 300 entries about organizations that define the communities and people who are their mainstays. The listings are of varying lengths and cover everything from the island's first enslaved African Americans to members of the Polar Bears, a contemporary, early morning swimming group that prides itself on enduring the icy winter waters of the Atlantic.