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Chris Zanger, Co-Founder, Mainstream Real Estate Group, added, "Giving our agents the right tools to be successful is paramount.
That client-focused approach characterizes the way Burgess and McClelland were oriented long before they co-founded Mainstream Technologies in 1996.
I've worked too hard over two years to develop a pool of reliable sources and nurture and gain the respect of mainstream media to self-sabotage that by lying to my readers.
Furthermore, the mainstream press has its own long rap sheet of inglorious moments, from the Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass scandals to the appalling coverage of Hurricane Katrina--and plenty that predate the new media, from covering up Soviet famine in the 1930s to hyping day care sex-abuse scandals in the 1980s.
1993) Eds, Rethinking Special Needs in Mainstream Schools.
At Alice Stevens School that fence between Alice Stevens (a special school) and Whitley Abbey (a mainstream school next door) went up for the protection of the Alice Stevens kids.
Although both romance and mainstream titles show how conflicts can be overcome, mainstream titles are often funny, gossipy, dramatic, weepy or scandalous.
Nina Hartley has a heterosexual population watching her, so maybe she has more mainstream chances.
Susan Anthony, Thurgood Marshall, Cesar Chavez, Samuel Gompers and Franklin Roosevelt didn't challenge the mainstream of their day.
The high cost was due in part to the fact that the new robusta coming on the market in the early 1990S could not be effectively utilized by mainstream companies, which thus had to fill some of their cans with high-value arabica.