maintain continuity

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Offereins said the realignment is part of a planned transition of executive responsibilities that will maintain continuity in the PULSE management team.
Florian Kieninger, head of corporate development at Lewa added: Among other things, the good contacts and great respect for the staff at important industrial clients are good reasons for Lewa to strive to maintain continuity.
This program was established to provide small businesses with funds to maintain continuity while they wait for their insurance claims and other assistance.
In his budget speech, the Finance Minister said, "The main objective of the proposed budget will be to maintain continuity of existing monetary and fiscal policy strategies being pursued and to ensure macroeconomic stability.
Efforts to maintain continuity and order in public debt management;
Helping local businesses maintain continuity in the face of the disruptions caused by Hurricane Wilma is our top priority now," said Frank Nero, President and CEO, The Beacon Council.
UPC expects to retain management and employees of SSIC at the time of closing, to maintain continuity in policy forms and rates with no adverse impacts on current SSIC policyholders or the working relationships with SSIC agent partners, and to make a capital infusion into SSIC to restore its Demotech rating and satisfy regulatory requirements.
Pat Tierney, CEO of Dialog, stated, "We are especially pleased that Data-Star's staff and management will remain with the organization, working with Dialog to maintain continuity and expand the European market.
Leading payTV middleware and CA solutions are supported by PVR2GO to maintain continuity with operators existing infrastructures and set-top boxes, with connection being made via USB2.