maintain continuity

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"This is important work that helps students understand biological concepts such as how genetics maintain continuity while allowing for change," said Devaki Bhaya, a program director in NSF's Division of Molecular and Cellular Bioscience.
"We are creating a position that will not impact on the main role of the manager, but one which will allow us to maintain continuity in the professional manner in which we run the day-to-day football side of our club.
To ensure the divestiture is successful and to maintain continuity of supply, the proposed order requires the parties to supply B.
"The club is delighted that we have the structures and opportunity to appoint from within and maintain continuity.
In the interim, they said, both groups will maintain continuity for their members during the transition in terms of member services and "thought leadership."
All email addresses and telephone numbers will remain the same, in order to maintain continuity of service.
West Indies director of cricket Jimmy Adams underscored that Pothas leading the team at this point is important to maintain continuity in the squad.
"That's a key exercise to maintain continuity and to continue to practice our interoperability, and so there was a slight degradation."
"Our goal is to help dealers transition to new finance providers as smoothly as possible so they can maintain continuity of their businesses," Timmerman said.
"The UK remains a firmly committed supporter of UNRWA, and Palestinian refugees across the Middle East, and we will do everything we can to maintain continuity of essential services at this time," concluded the statement.
Prior to transition events, naval messages will be released to describe the transition and key actions required to maintain continuity of services.
2 FT employees will remain with company to maintain continuity as well as owner as qualifier.