maintain continuity

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Radrizzani had wanted to maintain continuity, but is now looking for Leeds' ninth manager since 2014.
Kukan congratulated the prime minister and the Serbian government for opening the next chapters, saying that he was convinced that Serbia would maintain continuity in the membership negotiations with the European Union.
2 FT employees will remain with company to maintain continuity as well as owner as qualifier.
TOKYO, Aug 7 (KUNA) -- The People's Bank of China, the central bank, said on Friday that it would maintain continuity and stability in its monetary policy, according to state-run Xinhua News Agency.
The Union Cabinet said the act was necessary to maintain continuity and provide a framework to compensate people whose land is acquired.
Manama, Jan 7 (BNA) -- Council of Representatives Speaker, Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Mulla, today said that charity and educational endowment institutions contribute to the development of the homeland, promote community partnership and maintain continuity of charity projects, which serve citizens and support education.
However our challenge has always been one of timescale and being in a position to maintain continuity of supply to our key customers.
He emphasized on the support to farmers and animal breeders in order to maintain continuity of agricultural and animal projects by facilitating the procedures, providing support and cooperating with them in order to facilitate aspects of these important projects.
The President said the current government should maintain continuity.
Regulations for the UAE Touring Cars, UAE GT and UAE Sportbikes championships were published last week with no big surprises for competitors and teams, as the DAMC strive to maintain continuity and stability for competitors.
This market study will maintain continuity with previous iterations, and will also incorporate several new features.
Brigadier Ed Davis told The Independent the "spine" of brigades sent in the future may be deployed for longer than the current six months to maintain continuity.