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He said under the Section 23-3 (B) and Section 11 of PEPA, the complaint was maintainable.
Justice Abdul Sami of the LHC had taken her lawyer's view into consideration and declared that a separate bail petition before the LHC is maintainable.
1 Conduct a comprehensive condition assessment of the underground domestic water and natural gas utilities and related maintainable components on the DVC campus, and develop a detailed scope of remedial work.
Issuing notice to him on a contempt petition by an Enforcement Directorate's ( ED) investigating officer Rajeshwar Singh in the scam, the SC held that the plea was maintainable.
For experienced web developers and other programmers, this volume on writing maintainable code in JavaScript explores best practices in the development of applications that are easy to understand, fix, and maintain by programmers other than their original creator.
All these complaints were forwarded to concerned departments and out of them 5369 were redressed while 5282 were not maintainable.
By offering an ISA-95-enabled manufacturing solution with a certified interface to SAP, customers can reuse their integration efforts across multiple manufacturing facilities and create an infrastructure that is maintainable for the long term.
ISLAMABAD -- Special Court (SC) has rejected petition against appointment of Akram Sheikh as prosecutor in high treason case against Pervez Musharraf being non maintainable.
a leading provider of electronic system-level (ESL) and hardware description language (HDL) design solutions, and Actis Design, LLC, the leader in SystemC linting tools, today announced their collaboration aimed at promoting SystemC coding styles that ensure increased productivity and high-quality, maintainable code.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad High Court (IHC) has rejected petition filed against constitution of government negotiations team for holding talks with Taliban being non maintainable.
More than half of all the MDX engines on the market today are built on Simba's technology, and with the enhancements to SimbaProvider and option for 64-bit support within the MDX engine, we continue to offer the easiest, most maintainable, interoperable and solid platform for building multi-dimensional data connectivity.
This is achieved by using powerful workflow functionality and transformation mappings configured in a non-programmatic environment to define reusable and maintainable integration solutions.