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MAINTAINED, pleadings. This is a technical word, indispensable in an indictment for maintenance, which no other word or circumlocution will supply. 1 Wils. 325.

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Consistent with prior years, most professional surplus lines companies have maintained higher ratings than that of the property/casualty industry.
It also means incorporating the use of information technology in the business process so that business event data is recorded, maintained, and used as the event occurs.
and at the same time dynamic performance, characteristics can be maintained.
Long-term market linked securities 'A+ emr'; Rating Watch Negative maintained
A person has "signature authority" over a financial account if such person can control the disposition of money or other property in it, by delivery of a document containing that person's signature (or that signature and that of one or more other persons) to the bank or other person with whom the account is maintained.
Women who maintained their weight showed no differences, positive or negative, in physical function, bodily pain and energy levels.
7, prescribing the basic record retention requirements under section 6001 of the Internal Revenue Code where all or part of the taxpayer's financial or accounting records are maintained within an automatic data processing (ADP) system.
Although the courses taken to obtain her law degree improved or maintained her skills in her position as a law librarian, G's employer did not require her to obtain a law degree or attend law school; the job description for G's position as law library manager only indicated that a "[law degree] or at least two years of professional experience in a law library is strongly preferred.
The streets shall be maintained on a regular basis.
To that end, we encourage the IRS to prepare and release a revised version of Revenue Procedure 91-59, which sets forth the basic requirements that the IRS considers to be essential in cases where a taxpayer's records are maintained within an Automatic Data Processing (ADP) system.
441-1T, an individual adopts a tax year when he is first required to file a return and he may adopt any tax year, provided it matches his annual accounting period and meets the requirement that books of account be maintained for that accounting period.
Section 6038A was amended in 1989 and 1990 to facilitate the IRS's access to records of foreign-owned companies, not to expand the type of records required to be maintained.