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MAINTAINED, pleadings. This is a technical word, indispensable in an indictment for maintenance, which no other word or circumlocution will supply. 1 Wils. 325.

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The world's first(1) snowblower featuring a function for maintaining a constant snow discharge distance (in auto mode and power mode), snow discharge distance is maintained by automatically adjusting travel speed in response to the work load, and by maintaining a constant engine speed with the new electronic STR governor.
Keeping the content of the MedlinePlus Health Topics pages maintained at a high standard requires two primary categories of librarians: selectors and reviewers.
Massive homes with small openings maintained a comfortable environment in the Southwest.
Most data maintained by the taxpayer (such as general ledgers, accounts payable, and fixed assets) do not change materially from year to year.
Is local exhaust maintained in areas where grinding, dry polishing, or buffing occurs, or if exposure exceeds permissible limits, in areas where chemicals such as glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde are used?
The state of life of the priest, Maintain maintains, "is the same as that of most ordinary members of God's people" and a clear distinction must be maintained between this state of life and the priestly function.
These factors are related to the position of the center of gravity (slightly in front on the touch-down foot and the nose over the knees), whether the athlete is on the balls of the feet, the position and speed of the arms, and whether the athlete maintained the sprinter's posture during the take-off phase from the ground, the clearance phase, and the touch-down phase.
It's not expensive to keep them maintained like that,'' Lopez added.
The surplus lines composite historically has maintained a lower level of premium and reserve leverage than that of the property/casualty industry.
This implies that well-sustained forests are not only maintained but also enriched or expanded.
I do believe that many of the SWAT units maintained by individual police departments throughout the country could be disbanded without threatening law enforcement capabilities.