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George, the Air Force's director of logistics, visited the 924th FG at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, in late March, about a year after maintainers from the 924th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron were charged with testing the BRICE app.
The findings reveal that successful weight-loss maintainers rely on physical activity to remain in energy balance (rather than chronic restriction of dietary intake) to avoid weight regain.
Caption: CARMA team member Bobby Samuel is guided through a repair action using a demo board representative of support equipment a maintainer might interact with in the field.
Multiple times each month, they offer free online GeoComm Maintainer ArcGIS Desktop software demonstrations which provide attendees with real life examples of this software in action.
On the other hand, TM 20 series manuals have the maintainer performing routine quarterly, semiannual, annual, and biennial services.
Finally, the only real short-term solution is continued CME or Department of Army Civilian maintainer support to fill the ever-present gap.
After placement of an anterior chamber maintainer through the paracentesis site, continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis was conducted under viscoelastics.
Participants were classified as maintainers if they exhibited a minimum 38% of total body weight loss and maintained it, as previously described [10].
Fuel sprayed in maintainer's eyes during maintenance.
So, the present investigation was undertaken to identify maintainer and restorer lines from diverged rice genotypes against exotic and local cyto-sources.
Our maintainers walked away with a triumph over the machine, but learned they would later have to fix a faulty blade lockpin puller.
To coordinate the movement of maintainer robots upon occurred failures in the WSNs, [1] has proposed a centralized manager algorithm to detect, report and handle failure.