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Multiple times each month, they offer free online GeoComm Maintainer ArcGIS Desktop software demonstrations which provide attendees with real life examples of this software in action.
Rather, these figures present realistic estimates of the MMH gap, pursuant to historically derived settings, OPTEMPO rates, and doctrinal/ regulatory guidance on maintainer availability factors and maintenance requirements.
With that new bit of information, it was clear that we would have to stay on the phone with the maintainers and have them talk us, step-by-step, through the procedure.
So, the present investigation was undertaken to identify maintainer and restorer lines from diverged rice genotypes against exotic and local cyto-sources.
A cargo strap was attached to the blade root so the maintainers on top could hold it in position to prevent that blade from falling once all bolts were removed; one bolt remained.
7,10 In this paper, a simple and quick technique to fabricate a space maintainer for lost primary maxillary incisors is described.
Patient was recalled every 3 months for the evaluation of space maintainer and abutment teeth.
For example, the letter code that designated a maintainer as an F-15 crew chief was removed, and now that maintainer is coded as a more generic Combat Air Force (CAF) (fighter) crew chief.
This new series of battery maintainers includes a 1 Amp model (Model No.
These features facilitate making the PRM-34B an essential tool for all SINCGARS radio operators and maintainers.
Failed: if the appliance was lost or removed due to poor design (soft tissue irritation), faulty construction (breakage), failure of the cementation, failure of a space maintainer due to caries, pulpal/ periodontal pathology of the abutment tooth, or poor patient attendance;
If a maintainer is out in the field and he has a problem, he can show an SME [subject-matter expert] the problem by putting a video camera on it and the SME can then use voice, chat, and streaming video to provide a diagnosis and solution to the problem.