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Ensuring maintainers utilize the required tools (G), execute a proper maintenance plan (P) per the technical guidance, while leveraging proper training (S) Isa recipe for success.
Increased operations combined with the stressors of a constant deployment cycle and lack of quality family time has led to the RPA community having the lowest retention rates for aircraft maintainers across Air Combat Command.
The number of soldier maintainers assigned to a unit is driven by its Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE).
I was on the phone with our maintainers relaying instructions to the CAPC, who had his hands full at the controls (it's a two-hand job).
Identification of maintainers and restorers was carried out by observing pollen and spikelet fertility under bagged condition.
The root was being held by the maintainers clutching the attached strap.
Some laptops will still be used in supervisory and troubleshooting roles, but the vast majority of tech data accessed by AFRC maintainers will be done via iPads.
The literature reports many different types of appliances that can be used as fixed space maintainers including Band and loop appliance, crown and loop appliance, distal shoe appliance, Transpalatal arch, Nance palatal arch appliance, Lingual arch and Fixed wire composite space maintainers.
So pediatric dentists aim to incorporate esthetics while maintaining space, by giving esthetic space maintainers to children.
These new maintainers earn their initial 3-level qualification at Air Education and Training Command formal training schools.
This new series of battery maintainers includes a 1 Amp model (Model No.