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Identification of restorers and maintainers for cytoplasmic genic male sterile lines of rice.
With Misawa AB pilots flying more than 6,000 sorties annually, the cohesion of back shop and flightline maintainers must remain solid and fluent.
Growing desperate, our maintainer said, "I know what to do, I'll spray him with a water hose.
The Sikorsky Training Academy is focused on the needs of international military BLACK HAWK helicopter operators, and delivers comprehensive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training for pilots, aircrew and maintainers.
The root was being held by the maintainers clutching the attached strap.
Several years ago, Air Force mandated that TOs and other instructions be converted from paper to portable digital format so aircraft maintainers could easily access tech data on laptops instead of lugging binders of paper TOs to the flight line.
The new MOS not only provides the Army with Soldiers specifically dedicated to maintaining this type of vehicle, reducing the number of maintainers needed for each Stryker repair; it also provides a better avenue for the Army to track Soldiers with Stryker training and place them with the Army's Stryker brigade combat teams, which are based in just six locations.
Make sure your maintainers complete maintenance forms correctly.
The AMC supplement indicates which maintainers are required to be enrolled in the MQPT program, the minimum maintenance tasks that they are required to be trained on, and the process for the enrollee to progress through the program.
Use of artificial sweeteners and fat-modified foods in weight loss maintainers and always-normal weight individuals.
An essential item in a radio maintainer, MOS 25U, preventive maintenance toolkit for troubleshooting the Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System, is a portable test set.
The breakage of band and loop maintainers in this study was relatively low (9%) compared with other studies [Hill et al.