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2 : to keep in a particular or desired state <Eat properly to maintain good health.
5318)(l) requires financial institutions to have customer identification programs, that is, programs to collect and maintain certain records and documentation on customers.
Due to changing mission requirements, there may be a requirement to demolish a facility in which the ESCO has performed work and maintains.
Penalty for failing to maintain investor lists: Prior to the ACJA, Sec.
The experienced biomedical librarians who create and maintain the Health Topic pages organize them into categories such as overviews, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
Six years after the closing of Vatican II, when the Pope placed in the hands of Jacques Maintain the Council's message to the intellectuals of the world, and two years before his death at ninety-one, the aging philosopher published his last book On the Church of Christ.
Owners of existing homes will be required to maintain their front yard landscaping but need not install automatic water sprinkler systems or plant the shrubs and trees recommended for new homes, Ledford said.
The clustered environment must maintain the consistency and integrity of the file system itself.
Best's annual studies have validated that the surplus lines market maintains financial performance and solvency rates that are on par with the admitted market.
Although this credit is typically used for child care expenses, it is also available to a taxpayer who maintains a household and must hire someone to care for a dependent "who is physically or mentally incapable of caring" for himself or herself.
Mild cleansing agents should be used to minimize irritation and dryness; a mild cleanser should be non-alkalinic to maintain the skin's protective acid mantle.