maintenance allowance

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HEC funding will cover maintenance allowance, air travel and health insurance.
The First Minister will tell the SNP conference in Glasgow the educational maintenance allowance scheme will be extended.
Not content with tripling tuition fees, taking away the Education Maintenance Allowance, slashing youth services nationwide and failing to get young people into paid work, the Conservatives have gone even further.
FAISALABAD -- The Civil Court has sent a man to jail over non payment of maintenance allowance to his wife.
He's also said nothing about his government's decision to scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance and the scandalous ConDem betrayal on tuition fees or the betrayal on increase in VAT which hits poorer people disproportionately harder.
He said the government's decision to reduce the Education Maintenance Allowance, awarded to young people who stay in education, had a negative effect on student retention figures, an area heavily criticised in the report.
The statement identified concerns about the lack of access to Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for young people on programmes targeted at the hardest to reach and those young people who are classified as NEET.
The scheme includes the Newcastle College Maintenance Allowance (NCMA), which was introduced in September by the college to replace the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).
The AM was hit with questions including job opportunities in the health and social care sector and the education maintenance allowance.
Dudley College's Students' Union was recognised for its Save our Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) campaign, which fought against the Government decision to scrap the weekly funding scheme for college-age students from poorer backgrounds.
Published on the same day that thousands of the most vulnerable members of society were marching in London against the government's assault on the disabled, when the NHS reforms are being questioned by all relevant parties amid fears of creeping privatisation and increased confusion and where the most significant impact of the Coalition on education to date would include the abandonment of the Building Schools for the Future programme, the massive cuts to Sure Start, to youth work, careers advice, the educational maintenance allowance to poorer 16-19 year olds and the massive increase in university tuition fees, it seems perverse for him to reach the conclusion that the coalition Government has done "remarkably well'' in its first year.
THOUSANDS of students will be pounds 370 a year worse off after the Education Maintenance Allowance was axed.
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