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loading dose and 150 mg maintenance dose of clopidogrel (PlavixA').
Genetic differences in CYP2C9 and VKORC1 combined with such patient factors as age, body weight, and sex account for 45%61% of the variation in the daily maintenance dose of warfarin.
Reduce the Milk Thistle to a maintenance dose of 20 drops once a day and keep taking it long-term.
The endpoint does not correlate with symptomatology, and it does not predict the maintenance dose of therapy.
Following are specific Class I and Class IIa recommendations within the guidelines relating to OAPs, including BRILINTA, as well as the use of aspirin (the recommended maintenance dose of aspirin to be used with ticagrelor is 81 mg daily):
Based on nonrandomized observational findings and expert opinion, the European Society of Cardiology guidelines recommend colchicine 2 mg/day for 1-2 days, followed by a maintenance dose of 1 mg/day for the treatment of recurrent pericarditis.
If, after a careful individual benefit/risk evaluation by the prescribing physician, treatment is deemed necessary in the patient age group >/= 75 years, then following a 60 mg loading dose, a reduced maintenance dose of 5 mg should be prescribed.
The recommended solutions at this point are to double the maintenance dose from 75 to 150 mg/day, switch to an alternative platelet inhibitor, or add another agent such as cilostazol (Pletal).
Once I am at the colour I desire, I keep this by using a small maintenance dose once or twice a week.
In general, taking one gram of omega-3 (either EPA or DHA or combined) is a good maintenance dose for healthy adults.
ACAPULCO study showed that 10 mg Prasugrel Maintenance Dose Achieved Higher
Then reduce to a maintenance dose of six drops daily.

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