major misfortune

See: calamity
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Partnered by Russian co-driver Alexey Kuzmich in a Nissan Patrol, Meer needs only to avoid a major misfortune over the next 48 hours to ensure he celebrates at the Yas Marina Circuit finish on Thursday.
Since round one of the Baja season took place, Oman's Al Zubair and Qatar's Al Kuwari began AZ Racing's championship bid in the sister FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup in Qatar and despite all manner of difficulties and major misfortune the duo still managed to claim a top four T3 finish.
DAVE POWELL says a slice of major misfortune has cost Prescot Cables a place in the next round of the FA Cup.
We should look at the matter from the EU's side as well, and many observers think that Turkey's not being an EU member is a major misfortune for the EU.
I have heard stories of colleagues on the same trade union programme as me having to go into major debt because they or somebody in their family has had the major misfortune to get ill.
He warned: "A massive [Turkish] retaliation [to PKK attacks] would be a major misfortune for Turkey, Iraq and the United States.
It was Douglas' next major misfortune when he was injured in Scotland's crucial away match in Milan in a World Cup qualifier that ushered Gordon into the team as a 38th-minute substitute.
Diamonds skipper James Grieves fell when leading the race ( his second piece of major misfortune in the match as an engine failure robbed him of probable victory in heat four ( allowing Glasgow captain Shane Parker, taking a tactical ride, the luxury of bagging six points for the win.
If we suffer some major misfortune - illness, job loss, accident, etc.
MUSCAT: Round one of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup in the deserts of Qatar reached a bittersweet conclusion on Tuesday, for AZ Racing -- the Omani team battling back to a top four T3 class finish despite encountering major misfortune throughout the week-long event.
BEFORE you appeared in Chicago, you had the major misfortune of appearing alongside Johnny Vaughan (on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast).
There were no missed chances, regrets, dreadful traumas and none of the kind of major misfortunes that can blight a lifetime.

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