major part

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The latter then led towards the gardens the major part of the beaux, the ladies and the chatterers, whilst the men walked in the gallery, lighted by three hundred wax-lights, in the sight of all; the admirers of fireworks all ran away towards the garden.
which is much the major part of most) are liable to the worst infirmities, and subject to the vilest offices of human nature.
Les ordonnances = four decrees establishing absolute rule, issued by King Charles X on July 25, 1830, which touched off the July Revolution, leading to his abdication on July 31, and the installation of the Duke of Orleans as Louis Philippe I, King of the French--Cooper was living in Paris during this period, though he returned there from Italy and Germany a few days after the July Revolution itself, and he was a close friend of the Marquis de Lafayette who played a major part in the Revolution and its aftermath; for Cooper and many others, the ultimate results of the Revolution were a serious disappointment, since the new King seemed rapidly to become almost as conservative as the old}
And now if we can find the idol of gold our search will be ended--at least the major part of it.
And the proof is, that the major part of the Osborne family, who had not, in fifteen years, been able to get up a hearty regard for Amelia Sedley, became as fond of Miss Swartz in the course of a single evening as the most romantic advocate of friendship at first sight could desire.
The rest of the cousins are ladies and gentlemen of various ages and capacities, the major part amiable and sensible and likely to have done well enough in life if they could have overcome their cousinship; as it is, they are almost all a little worsted by it, and lounge in purposeless and listless paths, and seem to be quite as much at a loss how to dispose of themselves as anybody else can be how to dispose of them.
Leo Hunter's recitation of her far-famed 'Ode to an Expiring Frog,' which was encored once, and would have been encored twice, if the major part of the guests, who thought it was high time to get something to eat, had not said that it was perfectly shameful to take advantage of Mrs.
We are in a very special geographical location, we have three most important marine straits in the world and almost 30 percent of global trade passes by sea through the Kingdom and now we will have King Salman causeway between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which will be the most important land border crossing in the world and the major part of trade between Asia and Africa and a major part of trade from Europe to Asia pass through the Kingdom.
CONSULTANT engineers Patrick Parsons has played a major part in the design and build of the world's first packaged whitewater course, which has opened in Glasgow The PS3.
She thinks that high migration rates also affected the low percentage of the ANC at the election, as major part of those who
A major part of the imported gasoil was used as diesel for transportation.
Auto Business News-December 23, 2011--Honda Motor Company to shift major part of production to North America(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.