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To ensure the transition facilitator also proposes to make the maximum amount of spectrum it can feasibly make available, the FCC would, within 6 months, auction the spectrum, allowing the transition facilitator to recover an escalating amount of the proceeds from the auction based on how much spectrum is cleared for mobile wireless use.
* Funds under this heading may be make available for the IAEA only if the Secretary of State determines and so report to Congress that Israel is not being denied its right to participate in IAEA activities.
(2) Billy Barron, University of North Texas, compiles a directory of Internet accessible resources which Peter Scott and Earl Fogel, University of Ottawa, make available via the HYTELNET hypertext front end software for DOS, Macintosh, UNIX, and Vax VMS systems (more information can be obtained by addressing an e-mail message to: <scott[at]>).