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Henry Melchior Muhlenberg came to America as an evangelistic minister to gather people into the church, as his reports in the Hallische Nachrichten make clear.
Paul constantly reminds us that the Christian gospel goes beyond Christ to make clear what God is really like, a God of life.
Paul's weak body and suffering make clear where the power lies: in God's strength revealed in the gospel.
His letters make clear that he is a very social person who works with others.
For the Sudanese government, we have continued to make clear that normalization of our relationship will be contingent not only on the signing of a peace agreement, but also on full implementation in good faith as well as allowing unrestricted humanitarian access to suffering populations, continuing cooperation to combat terrorism, and respect for human rights.
The parables of the Tares among the Wheat (13:24-30, 36-43) and the Great Dragnet (13:47-50) make clear that the community created by evangelistic witness will be a mixed body.
The declaration makes clear to all present what God made clear to Jesus in his baptism and what the centurion will make clear after Jesus' crucifixion, when the centurion announces, "Truly this man was God's Son
Our readings make clear that, if we take God's word seriously and dare to speak it, conflict will result.