make concessions

See: compromise
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Summary: Abdullah al-Thani says he is ready to talk to rivals in conflict-hit country if all sides make concessions.
We must make concessions to each other to reflect the national cohesion and turn the past page," Hadi said, stressing that the dialogue outcomes will forge a new era of Yemen and a new ruling system based on justice, fairness and participation in wealth and powers.
Goran told news agencies that they were invited by "American friends," but that this doesn't mean the Kurds will make concessions.
But, following unconfirmed reports of a bungled Special Forces attempt to free them, Mr Miliband told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show: "We never make concessions.
He said he could not see Israel making concessions anymore, "Especially as it didn't make concessions during the first and heaviest wave of peace efforts.