make connection

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There is a diverse range of personal and professional networking sites that could provide a platform for you to raise awareness of your brand and make connections with interested communities and groups.
By developing an understanding of self and others through theatre, students make connections within the art form and through the art form by applying their learning to other disciplines and experiences.
Students completed a minimum of one response per week, and in those responses, they were challenged to make connections among the theoretical readings, the course activities, discussions with classmates, and their practice.
Although the airport offers bus service to transfer passengers between terminals in less than 15 minutes, airport directors expect travelers who need to make connections to buy tickets from airlines in the same alliance.
That willingness to make connections spills over into leisure time as well.
This study documents and interprets the efforts made by one elementary science methods professor to make connections between mathematics and science in an elementary science methods course.
Part of the complexity of Shannon's answer is that Merton, more aware of the need to rebel as he engaged the contemplative life, became increasingly conscious of what was demanded of such a rebel in a society that had apparently forgotten its own need to make connections - a culture increasingly unaware of the contemplative.