make money

See: gain
References in classic literature ?
You'll make money of your good looks, and of the money Mrs Boffin and me will have the pleasure of settling upon you, and you'll live and die rich.
These good looks of yours (which you have some right to be vain of; my dear, though you are not, you know) are worth money, and you shall make money of 'em.
Ramdev said that he wants to put socio-economic pressure on the China because they make money by selling its goods in India to help all-weather friend Pakistan.
For those who want to blend being frugal with making money, Gordon, a former librarian aka "Mashup Mom," offers tips on getting things for free/at discounts, and stories of those who make money at home on websites getting coupons, saving on online shopping and services, selling, consulting, and even getting paid to answer questions.
THE easiest way to make money from YouTube is, simply, to be successful.
M&S are making money, Northern Foods are making money, the site can make money for these two greedy, corporate giants.
Allowing retailers to make money off of sick people is wrong.
The court stated, however, that "everyone knows these are merely amusing remarks, not real ways to make money.
Then, if you want to employ the debt market and make money on the debt that is a whole different investment.
These three things allow you to save money and make money: Save money on improved processes between you and your partners; make money on better response to market, the ability to win and retain customers, and to actually serve the customer better.
Still, isn't it distasteful to make money by selling ads, at prime-time rates, so marketers can take advantage of a captive audience of kids?