make new

See: renovate
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Most men that make New Year's fitness resolutions find themselves at both ends of the spectrum -- either they approach fitness too seriously or not seriously enough," said John Gennaro, founder of Cuts Fitness For Men.
Kids everywhere will learn how to adjust, make new friends, and discover that change can be good when Warner Home Video (WHV) presents the animated film "Laura's Star" on DVD September 26, 2006.
Browny helps TJ to develop the self-confidence to make new friends, and TJ comes to realize that is okay to miss his old friends--and to remember the good times they shared.
An endorsement to make New York Life's newest product, LTCSelect Premier, a dividend-eligible product has been filed and approved in the company's state of domicile (NY).
With his passion for excellence and strong commitment to client satisfaction, we feel that he supports our mission at CIANJ, to make New Jersey a better place in which to live, work and conduct business.