make new

See: renovate
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Making New Plans MAKING new plans Get rid of the old The old stupid mistakes The old dreams That get you nowhere What's the point Make the day bright Make it right Making new maps Making new roads The economy is blooming Spring is around the corner Make new contracts Make new resolutions Live in the magic Just be like children Be in favour Eat the bread of life Making new thoughts Get into the sales Get the warehouse sorted The new demand The new designs Run the race For freedom and equality Make a new tomorrow Believe in something good Believe in who you are Believe in confidence Believe in love, and dance.
Without the software, you can't make new hardware."
As Lucy finds her circle of friends vanishes as her home life deteriorates, she has only courage and faith left--faith that her mom will find a job, and she'll make new friends.
Browny helps TJ to develop the self-confidence to make new friends, and TJ comes to realize that is okay to miss his old friends--and to remember the good times they shared.