make one

References in classic literature ?
Anyone looking at the disorganized rear of the Russian army would have said that, if only the French made one more slight effort, it would disappear; and anyone looking at the rear of the French army would have said that the Russians need only make one more slight effort and the French would be destroyed.
As he did so, he kept humming and singing and whistling to himself, like a man trying to recall an air; only what HE was trying was to make one.
You'd better make one not to nag people everlastingly," retorted Dan.
Such impression did this make upon me, that after the storm was over I laid aside all my works, my building and fortifying, and applied myself to make bags and boxes, to separate the powder, and to keep it a little and a little in a parcel, in the hope that, whatever might come, it might not all take fire at once; and to keep it so apart that it should not be possible to make one part fire another.
DT Dwan Edwards came off the bench to make one tackle for the Panthers.
It's hard to make one much longer than that and still be on a green.