make prisoner

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``What is the meaning of all this,'' said he, ``or who is it that rifle, and ransom, and make prisoners, in these forests?''
But, even then, he galloped here and there, exhorting the people to disperse; and, although heavy stones were thrown at the men, and some were desperately cut and bruised, they had no orders but to make prisoners of such of the rioters as were the most active, and to drive the people back with the flat of their sabres.
Having been released, they face serious problem causing them to reiterate crimes, wasting all costs and effort the government bears, if necessary measures are not taken in order to make prisoners ready to adjust to normal social environment under supervision direction of professionals and to provide them with job, housing and breads prior to their liberation.
Quiet, meek inmates, acting in concert and according to a strict timetable not only made for a stable institutional environment but would, in theory, make prisoners amenable to the rules of the wider community.