make reparation

References in classic literature ?
I endure without murmuring, because it is appointed that I shall so make reparation for my sins.
Lavalle, descend and make reparation for outrage of domicile.
In the two-page document she describes it as a "shameful" chapter in history and says the Church must take real action, quickly and unconditionally, to make reparation to those who lived at its Tuam home.
We've been so hounded by remorse over past sins like stealing, giving or accepting bribes, sowing intrigues, maintaining illicit relations that we feel we must make reparation.
It is imperative to remember that a post-conflict period that does not implement reparation policies addressed to strengthen economic development programs can lead to the reactivation of the same conflict, (48) not only making it impossible to make reparation to the victims, but generating many more injustices.
Those who commit such acts should remember that,not only are they answerable to human justice and need to make reparation to those they have offended,but also they must answer to God.
For the Brothers of the Light, the guilt is real; they make reparation for the violent history that each one of them has made.
A person who is convinced that a particular erroneous course of action is right and does it, must make reparation for any damage caused by such an error.
Because of our human weaknesses and double-standard piety, we are exhorted to do penance or make reparation, especially in this season of Lent.
Several Democratic presidential hopefuls are calling for Americans to make reparations for slavery.
"The punishment isn't that people ought to be hungry, but is that people can make reparations for the crimes they have committed.