make reparations

References in classic literature ?
I endure without murmuring, because it is appointed that I shall so make reparation for my sins.
Lavalle, descend and make reparation for outrage of domicile.
leprosy -- and a state policy for which it seeks to make reparations.
And suggest that white Americans can make reparations for slavery and the century of racial discrimination that followed with monetary restitution, educational programs, and the kinds of equal opportunities that will ensure the social and economic success of all its citizens.
Based on the finding, the court unanimously decided to order Uganda to make reparations to the DRC.
The state has a responsibility and obligation to the civilian, police, and military victims, their relatives, and society as a whole: to make reparations, ensure access to justice and the right to know the truth, as well as to strengthen remembrance policies," Vega Luna said, in presenting the Defensoria's report.
It's the people of Iraq who continue to make reparations payments, and it's US taxpayers, who are asked to foot the bill for reconstruction, because Iraq's money is going to debt payments.
The current African ruling classes must make reparations to the African masses by repairing the damage caused by the former African rulers' participation in the slave trade," he writes.
First, international law did not require Germany to make reparations payments to victims of the Holocaust.
Jesse Jackson, leader of the Rainbow/Push Coalition, called for insurers to make reparations at the coalition's annual meeting in Chicago in July.