make sure

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It takes lots of work to make sure this doesn't happen.
We want to get the best financial situation for the Foundation, but we also want to make sure to get the best creativity.
* Make sure the vendor runs criminal background checks on its employees.
Senior-level managers also should carefully assess with whom they do business to make sure that none are associated with the Al Qaeda network, he says.
"Our kids get along fine, and we want to make sure there is no haggling or ambiguity over the assets," says Lurline.
"We do lots of calculations to be sure rides run perfectly." One example: "We test coasters with sandbags to approximate the weight of people and let the coasters run around first to make sure nothing falls off."
The principals believe the keys to quality management lie in the ability to wear aH of the many hats necessary to make sure their clients' properties operate at maximum efficiency.
Over a decade ago, the nurses who first entered the disability management field as rehabilitation specialists had the same goal as those working today - to make sure the injured employee received excellent medical care and was returned to the work-force as quickly as possible.
'We rested him the last game to make sure he was ready for tonight because he's our premier closer,' the mentor said.
Teams from the Tyne and Wear Rescue Service began the task on Monday, working alongside councils and housing associations to make sure tower blocks were safe.
Cricketers now make sure they are nowhere near they microphone at the stumps before sledging an opponent.
"I'm happy to do my part and make sure children get a magical reply before Christmas Day," Rob said.