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v. 1) to create something. 2) to sign a check, promissory note, bill of exchange or some other note which guarantees, promises or orders payment of money. (See: maker, check, promissory note, bill of exchange)

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TO MAKE. English law. To perform or execute; as to make his law, is to perform that law which a man had bound himself to do; that is, to clear himself of an action commenced against him, by his oath, and the oaths of his neighbors. Old Nat. Br. 161. To make default, is to fail to appear in proper time. To make oath, is to swear according to the form prescribed by law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Madmen" can see through our disguises, our premises, our personas and our elaborate make-believe. And yet modern society is committed to "diagnosing" and "fixing" anyone who thinks in a radically different way.
'This proves how big of a tool of chaos and disruption social media is,' the minister said, adding that 'it later turned out that the news run by an anchor, on which the Supreme Court also took notice, was entirely make-believe.'
He titles each chapter as a semantic equation--"Make-Believe (Courtly) Love"; "Make-Believe (Faerie) Nation"--that captures the process whereby abstract concepts are reimagined as political realities.
Carol Hopkinson, owner of North Shire said: "We're aiming to create a magical world of make-believe during the weekend that will captivate children and will find parents easily getting in the spirit of it all."
In other words, to solve the Klamath's drought woes in 2015, Wyden and Merkley promise 9.8 billion gallons of real water and 48.2 billion gallons of make-believe water.
They pray to Jesus, who is make-believe; God, who is make-believe; why not Satan, who is make-believe?
The fascinating decor inside plays host to fairground props and a world of engaging make-believe, yes, as we meet Miss Sweetpea (Hannah McPake) in her rather outrageous costume and Cardiff hardman-in-a box Buddy Sprout (Katy Owen), with rather clever touches and humour.
LIFE'S so tough for Jude Law, running around playing make-believe every day.
THIS Morning again booking rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins to gush make-believe garbage about it being OK for parents to miss their child's birthday: "They're like trains - there'll be another one."
6 ( ANI ): A seven-year-old boy studying in the second grade in Colorado has been suspended from his elementary school for 'throwing' an imaginary grenade during a harmless make-believe game he was playing called 'rescue the world'.
Why would anyone in their right mind stay indoors this winter playing make-believe video games when a whole world of playing make-believe video games when a whole world of REAL predator hunting is right at hand and ripe for the picking?