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And while nearly a third of adults (29%) thought their children preferred spending time playing on a computer, just 15% of kids chose computing as the best way to pass the time, compared to 22% who chose make-believe play.
According to the New York Daily News, Evans told KDVR-TV that he was merely playing a game during recess at the school when he threw an imaginary grenade into a box that contained make-believe evil forces.
That people will ignore their jobs and the government because they're lost in a make-believe world?
Yes, Yule time is a period of merry make-believe, enjoy it while it's here, but let's all get real in the new year
This is another version of what I call the Washington equation: make-believe equals survival.
Boyd said he had blurred the lines between reality and make-believe as he assumed a character called Buho, a Shaman, or magical elf, in the Shadowrun game, he said at his trial last month.
But it was all make-believe, so no wonder he's smiling.
We are hard men for hard times, and we want hard make-believe conundrums.
The last condition is young children's engagement in well-developed make-believe play.
His latest exhibition, "Expedition," though also the visible manifestation of an elaborate fiction, this time a make-believe safari, also suggests that Zaiser is on an excursion along his own artistic frontier.