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v. 1) to create something. 2) to sign a check, promissory note, bill of exchange or some other note which guarantees, promises or orders payment of money. (See: maker, check, promissory note, bill of exchange)

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TO MAKE. English law. To perform or execute; as to make his law, is to perform that law which a man had bound himself to do; that is, to clear himself of an action commenced against him, by his oath, and the oaths of his neighbors. Old Nat. Br. 161. To make default, is to fail to appear in proper time. To make oath, is to swear according to the form prescribed by law.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The city is not just a magnet for architectural firms; Rotterdam is also maakbaarheid's locus classicus: the ultimate makeable' city, having been remade in radically different shapes several times in the last century alone.
However, a passing team may approach this as makeable and try a couple of completions.
Taulava then missed what seemed like a very makeable point blank attempt under heavy pressure, which led to Beau Belga splitting his charities with 6.1 seconds left for what turned out to be the final score.
On six under par after two rounds, Enoch look destined to miss out by a shot until Australian Jack Wilson, on seven under and poised to grab the final spot, missed a makeable putt for par at the 18th.
"I missed all the short putts for par, and I missed all my makeable putts for birdie,'' he said.
KKR scored 11 runs in the Super Over, with James Faulkner, who bowled a brilliant 19th over to keep his team in the game in regulation, doing well to restrict the Knight Riders to a makeable total.
The company, which is relaunching as bespoke digital innovation company Makeable LLC, did not reveal the terms of the buyout.
But they want United to specify the value they are placing on Fellaini - with manager Robert Martinez willing to sell if the offer for him hits PS25m, either guaranteed or in 'makeable' extras.
We've got to take some comfort in the fact we shut them down second half but we didn't convert at the other end and make crucial makeable shots.
"We had some very makeable plays, especially in the first half, and just didn't convert."
But he netted a very makeable smash which would have taken him to 18-16, and from 17-17 a series of mistakes blighted his victory bid.