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At her new school, Zoe makes friends with a gay couple, Simon and Teo, and a girl gang leader, Beck.
When she makes friends with Ruby, a dorky new girl at school, you even think that Mona, however skewed her priorities, has some redeeming qualities.
There he makes friends, helps incite a rebellion, and is thrown into a bone pit and almost dies.
Ava makes friends, finds a calling in her school's production of ``Romeo and Juliet'' and attracts the interest of a loopy classmate, Adam (Cody McMains), whose hairstyle becomes more unlikely each time we seem him.
His mother abandons the family and Dylan makes friends with another motherless boy, Mingus Rude, whose father is a drug-addled soul musician.
2 -- color) Buddy the horse makes friends with Mia Leggett, 13, at the Saddle Up Riding Stable.
She makes friends with a young Jew who lives in the Jewish ghetto and works at a printer's.