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Whether in recession or growth, boom or bust makes little difference to demand for Knowledge-Based Process Automation technologies, process excellence is vital no matter what stage you are at in your business," said Garreth Evans.
It makes little sense to continue using a chemical additive that is unnecessary, is polluting the general drinking water supply in California and may well have other health implications,'' she said.
Barrett said it makes little difference if the dog involved in the attack Sunday was allowed to run loose by its owner or if it were abandoned earlier.
Additionally, it makes little sense for one prosecutorial agency to commence an investigation of issues that are already part of an ongoing investigation by another prosecutorial agency,'' Nixon wrote in the letter dated Sept.
Owners of classic cars argue that it makes little sense for them to cough up $40 every two years for a smog check when they drive their cars so rarely.
Susan Smith of Lake View Terrace, who rolled up her own sleeve for an allergy shot Monday afternoon at Kaiser Permanente, said the season makes little difference to her.
With such a compelling price-performance mix, the OC-8600 is poised to stem the tide of Token-Ring network managers considering the "forklift" upgrade to Ethernet or Fast Ethernet, where it makes little economic sense to abandon their investment in Token-Ring technology.
With only four games left, it makes little sense not to redshirt freshman quarterback Matt Leinart, but Carroll said he's going ``game to game'' before making a final decision.
The victim's father, John Sartinsky, said it makes little difference whether Bandaki is confined in a prison or a mental hospital - just as long as he's not set free.
Such a disparity, she says, makes little ecological sense.