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Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with Yankee Group, agreed that it makes sense for Amazon to enhance the site with mobile users in mind.
VIRTUAL BOWLING BUT REAL CASH: Gina Fielding, of the Forget Me Not Trust, and Sport Makes Sense founder Patrick Blakely (front right) are pictured with fundraisers from The Royal in Milnsbridge (back, from left) Paul Nicholson, Wayne Kelly, Richard Mellor, Nigel Barratt and Dave Orentas (PW110509Mwii-01)
He added: "It makes sense to be ready for the worst of winter.
In the context of the ubiquitous Web, using HTTP as the transfer protocol for EDE makes sense.
You should also meet with your tax adviser to see if it makes sense to take capital gains or losses on your portfolio.
In other words, SneakerNetting tapes from point 'A' to point 'B' simply doesn't makes sense for us any longer.
It makes sense to let the student control their education since it's their future.
It makes sense that a person who is feeling out of sorts, or unwell, at any level or in any system within the body, should first try nature's remedies.
Be fast when it makes sense to be fast, and be slow when slowness is called for," he writes.
Taking a several million-dollar deductible makes sense on an overall basis, but if you didn't do something to protect the smaller operating units, a $2 million loss deductible would be painful," Young said.
Smart LTC providers have figured out that offering clients the option to truly "age in place" makes sense.