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Whitehall has a full activities program for the general nursing home population, and Ann Owens makes sure the Hampton unit is always included.
26 crash in Glendale, said after experiencing the searing crash and seeing the devastating injuries among his fellow passengers, he now makes sure he always faces the rear of the train - especially when seated at a workstation.
While the show is running, he makes sure crews are on time and on cue and, when need be, steps in to do a little work himself.
Prior to donating these cars, Lucky Cab makes sure they have a fresh coat of paint, tune up, new tires and battery, and much more.
She makes sure he is part of everything and is committed to fighting the stigma many people attach to Alzheimer's.
The 'intelligence' in the push technology makes sure that only the desired content is delivered to the subscriber, preserving precious and expensive bandwidth capacity for the carrier -- especially important with today's 2G network infrastructure.
She makes sure he has water and food every other day and, every weekend, makes sure to clean Sneezy's cage.