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Nasser Subhi indicated that if any illegal makeshift caravan is spotted, a warning with a grace period to remove it will be given.
The makeshift bombs were planted in a telecommunications building still under construction in the October 6 suburb and set off by a mobile telephone at around 9:00 am (0700 GMT), a police investigator at the blast site said.
A medical source at Dar National Hospital told SANA that a 16 years old girl was killed due to terrorist mortar shells fired on the makeshift in al-Kashef neighborhood in the city, while 6 other citizens, among them children were hospitalized.
On the first day of its opening, the makeshift stall offered 4,000 cups of tea for free to the people near Uppala.
The makeshift Santa and Rudolph reached 100,000ft above the earth's surface, as the camera attached captured incredible views of the space.
It is understood that the bigwigs are ignoring the apathy of the passengers because they have a stake in these makeshift stalls.
The first relief aid consignment features 70 cabins which will be used to set up 14 makeshift health centres in the devastated Governorates of Khartoum, Nile River, Al-Shamaliya, White Nile, Al-Ghadharaf and North Darfur.
On the other hand, when approached, Divisional Superintendent Railways, Syed Munawar Shah said that scores of acres of Pakistan Railways land has been encroached upon by the owners of these makeshift houses, creating troubles for them and residents of staff colonies.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army discovered a makeshift drug lab and seized over 50 kilograms of drugs during a raid earlier this week on the house of a wanted man in east Lebanon, the military said in a statement over the weekend.
It didn't take long for police to discover it was a makeshift bomb which had failed to go off, triggering the evacuation of the complex.
In the latest, Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray has attacked the Congress and warned it against trying to remove the makeshift memorial at the ground.
Lightning struck them just after they completed offering Taraweeh prayers and were coming out of the makeshift mosque [at Dharmapasha area of Sunamganj district]," a police official told Gulf News.