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EXAMPLE. An example is a case put to illustrate a. principle. Examples illustrate, but do not restrain or change the laws: illustrant non restringunt legem. Co. Litt. 24, a.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The CSA feel that taking this action and making an example of those who commit these offences will encourage other non-resident parents to give them the information they need straight away.
"I had the impression that the officer was making an example of him," he said.
But 37-year-old knitwear worker Irvine, who was sent off for violent play, accused the SRU of making an example of him and effectively ending his 15-year rugby career.
Alan Price, who is managing director of Peninsula Ireland, which collected the data, said: "Disciplining employees who are caught bad-mouthing the company and making an example of them should help reduce the problem."
Cooney said: "We wouldn't be concerned about making an example if we have a fact because it's not about making an example, it's adhering to the rules and regulations that we have.
But the problem can easily be solved by making an example of the Spanish team and banning them from international matches until they put their house in order.
The District Attorney in Rhodes told her she had insulted Greek values and are possibly making an example of her by giving her eight months or a pounds 2,173 fine.
Far from making an example of the likes of John Terry and Jody Morris after both were charged with assault after an evening of boozing, Bates thinks hitting them with a paltry fine is more suitable.
Ivor added: "It was like they were making an example of him."
Judge Dudley Bennett has done us all a favour by making an example of these men.

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